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EasyPIC 6 Development System (TMIK003)

A General Purpose Development System

The EasyPIC 6 by MikroElektronika is an extraordinary development tool for programming and experimenting with PIC® microcontrollers. It supports over 160 different MCUs in the PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, and PIC18 families, in DIP packages from 8 to 40 pins. The board comes with a PIC16F887 installed. An impressive array of peripherals and expansion connectors are available on board, plus optional LCD displays and temperature sensor.

An on-board programmer and mikroICD® debugger allow you to connect directly to a PC using the supplied USB cable. Fully functional demo versions of MikroElektronika’s C, Pascal, and BASIC compilers are included (hex output limited to 2K of program words), along with complete documentation and dozens of sample programs. The EasyPIC 6 also includes an external ICD connector that is compatible with MPLAB® ICD2 and ICD3, allowing full compatibility with the MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


    What’s On Board

    • RS-232 communication with a PC or a microcontroller is performed via DB9 connector.
    • System provides support for MCUs in DIP8, DIP14, DIP18, DIP20, DIP28 and DIP40 packages. It comes with a PIC16F887.
    • 2x16 character COG Display is used for displaying text messages. It is connected to the system via SPI.
    • 36 push buttons are used to excite microcontroller digital inputs. They are connected to all microcontroller pins.
    • Very fast USB 2.0 programmer with mikroICD support. An external MPLAB programmer can also be connected.
    • USB communication connector enables you to connect your microcontroller with a PC via USB interface.
    • All microcontroller pins are connected to the IDC10 connectors for further expansion.
    • On-board jumpers are used for pull-up/pull-down port configuration. These jumpers are available for all pins.
    • PS2 connector enables the development system to be directly connected to a PS/2 device such as keyboard or mouse.
    • Voltage level to be applied when a button is pressed (GND or +5V) is selected via the on-board jumper.
    • 36 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are used to indicate the logic states of all microcontroller pins.
    • Optional LCD and Digital Thermometer can be easily connected via the on-board connectors.
    • Optional Graphic LCD 128x64 with touch panel can be easily connected to the board via the appropriate connector.
    • Potentiometer is used for testing A/D conversions. Inputs can be configured via jumpers.
    • Menu Keypad enables easy and fast menu browsing for your prototype device
    • Quartz Crystal is replaceable. The MCU pins can be configured via jumpers as oscillator inputs or regular I/O pins.
    • USB or external power supply source is selected by moving a jumper. Power supply switch turns the system on/off.
    • DIP switch is used to separate port pins from pull-up/pull-down resistors.
    • Port Expander enables you to add more inputs or outputs to your prototype device.
    • 4x4 Keypad allows efficient entry of numeric data and other characters as well.
    • Reset circuit is used to reset the microcontroller. It is connected to the MCLR pin of the microcontroller.
    • LCD Contrast Potentiometer is used for adjusting LCD contrast.


Тесты и симуляция

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EasyPIC 6 Development System TMIK003

Используемые компоненты

Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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MCU 8BIT 14K FLASH, PDIP40; Series:PIC16F; Memory Size, Flash:14KB; EEPROM Size:256Byte; Memory Size, RAM:368Byte; I/O lines, No. of:35; ADC Inputs, No.…
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MCU 8BIT 14K FLASH, WAFFLE80; Series:PIC16F; Memory Size, Flash:14KB; EEPROM Size:256Byte; Memory Size, RAM:368Byte; I/O lines, No. of:35; ADC Inputs, No.…
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