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32-Bit Multimedia Board (TMIK001)

A Complete Multimedia Development System

The 32-bit Multimedia Board from mikroElektronika is a compact, all inclusive development board for complete, high quality multimedia development. The board comes packaged with printed user manuals and schematics and a CD full of example projects that are easy to use, and really show the power of the PIC32. The 17+ MB of included code examples are written using Microchip’s software stacks, making them easy to port with few modifications. The board has enough power to stream 16-bit color video at 15 frames per second, from an SD Card.

The board contains a 320x240 Touch Screen Panel, 4-way joystick, Microchip’s MCP9700A Temperature Sensor, optional MRF24J40MA ZigBee Module, headphone and microphone connectors, RS-232 port, and prototyping pins. The back side reveals the brains of the board – a PIC32MX460F512L device. The back side also includes USB Host and Device connectors, M25P80 Flash device, a 24LC01 Serial EEPROM, External ICD Connector, SD Card Slot, Stereo Codec chip with integrated Headphone driver, and a digital accelerometer. It can be powered by USB or by a user-supplied AC or DC power supply.


    What’s On Board

    • There are headphone and microphone connectors on-board for audio testing.
    • Host and Device USB Connectors are available for USB device developing needs.
    • On-board MMC(SD) card slot is used testing mass storage and data acquisition applications.
    • There is a reset circuit that is connected to the MCLR Pin of the microcontroller.
    • PIC32MX460F512L is the 32-bit microcontroller powering the development board.
    • On-board 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Transceiver Module (optional).
    • There is connector on-board for connecting External ICD.
    • RS-232 communication with PC or another microcontroller.
    • Power supply can be DC or AC. Supervisor circuit enables stable system power supply.
    • Show advanced visual messages using TFT Color Display 320x240 with Touch Screen.
    • Joystick can be used for handling the on-screen menus or as a generic input device.
    • Analog Temperature Sensor MCP9700A for measuring temperature from -40ºC to 125ºC.
    • You can measure static or dynamic acceleration with ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer.
    • There is M25P80 (8 Mbit Serial Flash Memory) that use SPI interface.
    • Store prototype device configuration parameters in 24LC01 Serial EEPROM.
    • On-board WM8731SEDS - Stereo Codec with an integrated headphone driver.
    • Display LD0, LD1, LD2 and LD3 microcontroller pins states with LE Diodes.
    • Prototyping Pins allows the microcontroller to be interfaced with external circuits.


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32-Bit Multimedia Board TMIK001

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Производитель: Microchip Technology Inc.
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