Isolated, Shunt-Based Current Sensing Reference Design (TIPD165)

This Verified TI Design implements an isolated current sensing data acqusition solution based on the AMC1304M25 isolated delta-sigma (ΔΣ) modulator and a TMS320F28377D microcontroller. This circuit was designed for shunt-based current measurement applications which require excellent galvanic isolation and accuracy, such as industrial motor drives, photovoltaic inverters, and energy metering. It is capable of measuring load currents from -10 A to +10 A with better than 0.3% uncalibrated accuracy, and it also provides dual functionality of a high resolution channel and an additional over-current or short-circuit detection channel. The design’s functionality and performance were verified against the circuit design goals by fabricating three PCBs and measuring results for dc and ac input signals.


Verified Design contains theory, component selection, TINA-TI simulation, measured results, PCB layout, and modifications Galvanically isolated current sensing solution 16-bit output at 78.1 kSPS ±10 A at <0.3% (uncalibrated accuracy) 78dB SNR (min)


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Isolated, Shunt-Based Current Sensing Reference Design TIPD165

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