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Current Sensing Solution, 10uA-10mA, Low-side, Single Supply (TIPD104)

This TI Reference Design provides the theory, component selection, and simulation of a single-supply, precision low-side current sensing solution that can accurately detect load currents from 10uA-10mA. The corresponding linear output is from 100mV to 4.9V. While traditional op amps can be used for such an application, the INA326 instrumentation amplifier enables a differential measurement and minimizes errors due to PCB parasitic. The INA326 can be used in low-side current sensing because the unique internal circuit topology allows for linear rail-to-rail input and output operation. A unique yet simple gain switching network was implemented in order to realize the wide load current range. See more TI Precision Designs


Senses current from 10uA-10mA Less than 0.1 % Error Outputs 100mV to 4.9V Single-Supply Solution Low-Side Measurement Unique gain-switching network Utilizes INA326 RRI/O Instrumentation Amplifier This Reference Design Includes: Theory Component Selection TINA-TI Simulation Modification Options


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Current Sensing Solution, 10uA-10mA, Low-side, Single Supply TIPD104

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