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Smart Home and Energy Gateway Reference Design (TIEP-SMART-ENERGY-GATEWAY)

The Smart Home and Energy Gateway Reference Design provides example implementation for measurement, management and communication of energy systems for smart homes and buildings. This example design is a bridge between different communication interfaces, such as WiFi, Ethernet, ZigBee or Bluetooth, that are commonly found in residential and commercial buildings. Since objects in the house and buildings are becoming more and more connected, the gateway design needs to be flexible to accommodate different RF standard, since no single RF standard is dominating the market. This example gateway addresses this problem by supporting existing legacy RF standards (WiFi, Bluetooth) and newer RF standards (ZigBee, BLE).


Showcase co-existence of ZigBee, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) allows for simultaneous operation of the different communication profiles Showcase seamless profile integration for smart energy, lighting and building automation Showcase bridge between HAN (Home Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network)/WAN (Wide Area Network) Enables development of real world smart home and energy gateway applications, with the use of example schematics, bill of materials, design files, and links to free software package downloads Get started Customer can start their development using very popular Beagle Bone Black board. The example design provided here can be used as starting point for developing various type of gateways. Texas Instruments Incorporated has not verified the design for standard compliance.


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Smart Home and Energy Gateway Reference Design TIEP-SMART-ENERGY-GATEWAY

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