Wireless Motor Monitor Reference Design (TIDM-WLMOTORMONITOR)

This TI Design is inspired by the need to monitor the health of motors and machines to accurately predict and schedule maintenance (or replacement) while minimizing cost and down time during industrial production. Millions of industrial motors are monitored today with handheld or wired Piezo accelerometer sensing devices. The annual cost of monitoring these motors is approximately $300 per motor. Recent advancements in ultra-low-power processing technologies, radios, and piezo sensor miniaturization have enabled the development and deployment of low-cost, small motor monitors with wireless capabilities. These wireless motor monitors are powered by coin cells that have a battery life of more than 10 years. These systems provide the same broadband sensitivity as existing handheld systems, collect vibrational data, and perform spectral analyses on that data. This integrated intelligence lets you deploy and monitor these systems in difficult-to-reach locations. The money these capabilities save can pay for the systems within a few months. The wireless motor-monitoring TI Design uses two different, yet electrically equivalent, form factors for development and testing. These form factors include: The modular form factor The compact form factor In the modular form factor, TI LaunchPad™ Development Kits and EM connectors allow you to incorporate multiple radios and processors with energy-management and sensor subsystems. The compact form factor uses the MSP430™FR5969 ultra-low-power microcontroller unit (MCU) with a CC2650 BLE radio, but can be connected to multiple sensor boards. The standard sensor board supports a PCB Piezotronic vibration sensor. The 30-pin expansion connector on the small form factor board enables the base-board to be operated with the MCU, the CC2650 radio, or both. The system software assumes you are using both devices. This TI Design focuses on the compact form factor system.


100uA MSP MCU Analyze/Write 6mA Bluetooth Low Energy Radio 40 nA System Sleep 10KHz/16 bit Vibration Sensor iPAD/Android Visualization This circuit design is tested and includes firmware, GUI, demo, and Getting Started Guide


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Wireless Motor Monitor Reference Design TIDM-WLMOTORMONITOR

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