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Water Meter Reference Design for LC Sensors, Using Scan Interface (Scan I/F) (TIDM-WATERMETER-LCSENSOR)

In battery operated water meter, battery life time over several years is key. One of the challenges is to continuously measure the water flow information while consuming at little energy as possible. The Scan Interface (Scan I/F) sensing peripheral integrated onto the ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller is solving this problem. In water meter designs, coupled to a LC rotation detection sensor, the Scan I/F is continuously detecting the rotation of the propeller while the rest of the microcontroller is sleeping in low-power mode. The reference design demonstrates a usage example of the Scan I/F to achieve ultra-low power consumption compared with the same detecting methodology using external circuit.


Supports 2 LC sensor for detecting rotation movement including rotating direction Ultra-low power consumption compared with external hardware solution Example source code for setting up Scan I/F Examples for calibration Easy to install daughter sensor board for MSP-TS430PM64 target board


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Water Meter Reference Design for LC Sensors, Using Scan Interface (Scan I/F) TIDM-WATERMETER-LCSENSOR

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