RTOS-Based Configurable Serial-to-Ethernet Converter on High Performance MCUs Reference Design (TIDM-TM4C129XS2E)

Legacy products may only contain a serial port and accessing such end equipments (EEs) is increasingly becoming a challenge due to the inability to add them to a shared network and access them over long distances (like remote control stations). A Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) converter provides a simple solution to solve the challenges posed by such EE's. This TI Design leverages an Ethernet-based TM4C129x (formerly known as Tiva) microcontroller to implement an S2E converter that allows quicker time-to-market and cost savings.


Two Serial-to-Telnet Port Pairs to Connect Two Different Serial Devices at the Same Time HTTP Configuration Web Server to Dynamically Manage IP Address, Serial Port, and Telnet Port Settings (at Runtime) Configuration Parameters Stored in Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) With Provision to Restore Factory Settings Software Uses FreeRTOS™ for Task Scheduling, lwIP TCP/IP Stack, and TI’s TivaWare™ for C Series Software (Includes Driver Library and Locator Service) to Simplify Application Development Software Designed to Work on EK-TM4C129XL (Connected LaunchPad) and DK-TM4C129X (With Minimal Modifications) for Supported Toolchains like TI’s Code Composer Studio™ Software, Keil® MDK, IAR™ Embedded Workbench, and GNU Optional Board With RS-232 PHY for Easy Connections to EK-TM4C129XL and DK-TM4C129X


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RTOS-Based Configurable Serial-to-Ethernet Converter on High Performance MCUs Reference Design TIDM-TM4C129XS2E

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