Transimpedance Amplifier with Microcontroller Reference Design (TIDM-TIA)

The TIDM-TIA uses a MSP430F2274 microcontroller to convert current produced by a photodiode to into a voltage using the integrated operational amplifier. It can be used to sense light in a number of different applications. Direct connection to the MSP430F2274's ADC allows for for voltage values to be analyzed and used as needed, The transimpedance amplifier system is kept to a small size by using the MSP430F2274's integrated operational amplifier which provides for a single chip solution in many industrial and consumer good applications.


Single chip TIA design leveraging onboard operational amplifier SW configurable photodiode threshold for different lighting conditions External pins allow for modification of external feedback resistor Programmable via JTAG connection 5. Externally available GPIO pins and onboard LED This TIA example design is tested and includes firmware, demo and Getting Started guide


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Transimpedance Amplifier with Microcontroller Reference Design TIDM-TIA

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