Low-Cost Three-Phase Electricity Meter Reference Design (TIDM-THREEPHASEMETER-F449)

The design implements a basic three-phase electric meter system using the MSP430F449 smart meter SoC, the LMV324 precision op amps, and TPS76333 LDO regulator . It meets all of the requirements for ANSI C12.20 and IEC-62053 Class 0.5 meters.The MSP430F449 SoC is a low-cost option for engineers developing polyphase energy measurement systems for utility meters and industrial applications. . The LMV324 op amps are used for conditioning the voltage and current signals coming from the current transformers. The design uses a capacitive-drop power supply based on the TPS76333 to provide a low-cost power supply solution. Hardware and software design files are provided to enable calculation of various parameters for three-phase energy measurement, such as RMS current & voltage, active and reactive power and energies, power factor and frequency. With this design developers can quickly determine that the MSP430F449 e-meter SoC meets the requirements for their low-cost smart e-meter.


Three-phase electricity meter that meets Class 0.5 accuracy requirements from ANSI and IEC TI Energy Library firmware calculates all energy measurement parameters including active and reactive power and energy, RMS current and voltage, power factor, and line frequency Built-in 160-segment display Powered from three-phase line voltage


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Low-Cost Three-Phase Electricity Meter Reference Design TIDM-THREEPHASEMETER-F449

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