System on Module for Power Line Communication Reference Design (TIDM-SOMPLC-F28PLC84)

The SOMPLC-F28PLC84 is a single-board System on Module(SOM) for PLC in the CENELEC frequency band. This single hardware design supports several popular PLC industry standards including PRIME, G3-PLC, and IEEE-1901.2. The SOMPLC-F28PLC84 replaces the earlier SOMPLC-F28PLC83 and is fully hardware and software compatible with the earlier design. TI develops and provides the complete PLC software stacks along with the SoM. A single hardware design which supports multiple PLC standards allows OEMs to reduce development costs by reusing the PLC hardware in products for multiple different regions of the world with different PLC requirements. Engineers can take the SOM design and integrate it into their overall system board or keep the design as an add-on board to their application. The only additional hardware required is the AC mains line coupling circuitry, which TI provides through the TIDA-00192 reference design. The included hardware schematics and Gerber files simplify the task for engineers to add PLC to their end system.


• Supports CENELEC frequency band • Supports G3-PLC, PRIME, and IEEE-1901.2 PLC industry standards • Comprehensive two-chip solution with F28PLC84 MCU and AFE031 integrated analog-front-end • 34-pin mini-header provides flexibility for interfacing to custom board and other TI Designs such as the PLC Data Concentrator and TMDSPLCKIT-V4 • This design is tested and includes production-ready software along with GUI and complete User’s Guide. • Software discussed in this design can be downloaded from http://www.ti.com/tool/TI-PLC-G3-CENELEC-SN


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System on Module for Power Line Communication Reference Design TIDM-SOMPLC-F28PLC84

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