Power Line Communications (PLC) System-on-Module for ARIB Frequency Band (TIDM-SOMPLC-F28M35)

The SOMPLC-F28M35 is a single-board System on Module(SOM) for PLC in the ARIB frequency band. This single hardware design supports several popular PLC industry standards including G3 and IEEE-1901.2. TI's certified PLC software is available along with the SOMPLC-F28M35. Engineers can take the SOM design and integrate it into their overall system board or keep the design as an add-on board to their application. The only additional hardware required is the AC mains line coupling circuitry. The included hardware schematics and Gerber files simplify the task for engineers to add PLC to their end system. OEMs will benefit from having the ability to rapidly evaluate and prototype Power Line Communications technology in their application.


Support for ARIB frequency band Supports G3 and IEEE-1901.2 PLC industry Standards Comprehensive 2 chip solution with MCU and AFE032 integrated analog front end 34pin mini header provides flexibility for interfacing to custom board and other TI Designs like the PLC Data Concentrator and TMDSPLCKIT-V4


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Power Line Communications (PLC) System-on-Module for ARIB Frequency Band TIDM-SOMPLC-F28M35

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