Single-Phase Energy Meter with CPU-Independent Metrology Engine (TIDM-SINGLEPHASEMETER-FE4272)

This single-chip electric meter solution implements a single-phase e-meter utilizing the MSP430FE4272 SoC and TPS77033 LDO regulator. It utilizes the CPU-independent ESP430 Metrology Engine to perform all of the required e-meter calculations with no impact on the main MCU core. This allows the developer to add other functions into the SoC, reducing overall e-meter BOM cost. With this tool developers can quickly determine that the FE4272 e-meter SoC fits the requirements for their low-cost smart e-meter.


Single-phase energy measurement system The ESP430 Metrology Engine calculates active and reactive power and energy, RMS current and voltage, power factor, and line frequency Powered from line voltage from 110V-240V Built-in 128-segment display


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Single-Phase Energy Meter with CPU-Independent Metrology Engine TIDM-SINGLEPHASEMETER-FE4272

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