RF430FRL152H NFC Temperature and Light Sensor Reference Design (TIDM-RF430FRLSENSE)

This reference design provides a platform to evaluate the RF430FRL152H NFC Sensor Interface Transponder. Directly out of the box, thermistor and photo transistor measurements can be communicated to an NFC enabled smart phone or other NFC/RFID Reader device. This reference design can be operated with a battery for data logging into FRAM or without a battery utilizing energy harvested from the RF field.


NFC type 5(ISO 15693) Transponder Platform Operates with power from RF field or 1.5V battery to enable sensor measurements 2kB user programmable FRAM memory for data logging and/or application code Boosterpack headers available to interface additional sensors or MCU On board antenna or options for custom external antenna This design has been tested and includes an application report, schematic/PCB design files and software(http://www.ti.com/lit/zip/slac692)


Схемы и диаграммы

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Спецификация (BOM)

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RF430FRL152H NFC Temperature and Light Sensor Reference Design TIDM-RF430FRLSENSE

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