40-Pin Boosterpack for 3D Printer Control (TIDM-PRINTERPACK)

This design is a 40-pin boosterpack which incorporates all of the necessary components for 3D printer operation.Convenient location of all I/O headers and inclusion of firmware allows developers to immediately start creating their own cost-effective 3D printers. Although the original intent is to be used as a low-cost solution for 3D printer control, at its core are four DRV8825 stepper motor drivers that allow the boosterpack to also operate in any application where multiple stepper motors are needed.


Four on-board DRV8825 stepper motor drivers for extruder and X,Y, and Z motor control Current limiting technology incorporation for motor overcurrent conditions Three CSD18534KCS N-channel MOSFETs for voltage boost of extruder resistors, heated bed, and fans Support tested with multiple software programs including Pronterface and Repetier µSD card slot included for printing without the need for a host computer Circuit design tested with firmware, User's Guide, and design files included


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40-Pin Boosterpack for 3D Printer Control TIDM-PRINTERPACK

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