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Evaluation Module (EM) Adaptor (TIDM-LPBP-EMADAPTER)

This BoosterPack kit contains one "EM Adapter BoosterPack". The purpose of the EM adapter board is to provide an-easy-to-use bridge between any of the TI MCU LaunchPads and the vide variety of TI RF evaluation modules (EM), for instance the CCxxxx Low-Power RF evaluation modules. No specific software is provided, so it is up to the user to write the appropriate code to interconnect the MCU with the RF device.


Evaluation Module (EM) connectors supporting all EMs from Texas Instruments Dual-row LaunchPad (LP) connectors, allowing stacking of XL BoosterPacks USB power supply Buck/boost voltage regulator Easy access to all GPIO, both from EM and LP Possibility to mount 32.768 kHz oscillator for EMs that require an external clock


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Evaluation Module (EM) Adaptor TIDM-LPBP-EMADAPTER

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