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High Availability High Speed Counter (HSC) and Pulse Train Output (PTO) Reference Design (TIDM-HAHSCPTO)

This TI design provides a reference solution (firmware and test platform) for two different industrial IO functions related to motion control: High Speed Counter (HSC) and Pulse Train Output (PTO). The design is based on a microcontroller platform that is suitable for use in industrial applications where high availability and/or functional safety are also important requirements.


High speed (up to 400KHz) 32-bit HSC counter with two counter input pins, four auxiliary input pins, two input capture registers, and two compare output pins PTO generates output pulse trains and trapezoidal profiles up to 100KHz with 9.1ns resolution Count/Dir, Clockwise/Counter Clockwise, and Quadrature Modes Reduces CPU load and interrupt latency requirements by operating autonomously on the N2HET Timing Coprocessor Reduces system cost by replacing FPGA or ASIC Includes N2HET firmware and test platform, as well as host CPU driver functions


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High Availability High Speed Counter (HSC) and Pulse Train Output (PTO) Reference Design TIDM-HAHSCPTO

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