A Robust Glass-Breakage Detector Reference Design (TIDM-GBD-ROBUST)

This reference design describes a simple as well as a robust glass breakage detector designs using the MSP430F2274 and was developed to operate at low power, allowing long battery life. The simple design algorithm is based on the spectral analysis of a typical glass breakage signal by analyzing signal characteristics such as peak content, number of zero crossings, and frequency composition. A glass breakage alert is indicated by an onboard buzzer and an LED. The robust glass-breakage detector includes an extra thud detection stage before actual glass-breakage detection to avoid false triggering of the glass-breakage detector for sound events with signal spectrum similar to a glass-break sound.


Fully integrated, single-chip glass breakage detector As low as 50µA average current consumption during monitoring operation Implements high power output horn driver stage capable of up to 106dB Addition of thud detection for better false trigger rejection (Robustonly) Integrated Op-amps provide on-the-fly configurable filtering stages for signal detection and processing This reference design is tested and includes firmware, hardware design files & documentation Hardware based on this design can also be ordered from Olimex.com


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A Robust Glass-Breakage Detector Reference Design TIDM-GBD-ROBUST

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