Single-Phase Electricity Sub-Meter for Smart Buildings (TIDM-ENERGY-WATCHDOG)

The Energy Watchdog design is a complete tool used to measure and display the energy consumption of an individual load in a smart building such as major home appliances. With this tool engineers can quickly evaluate TI’s solution a low-cost energy measurement application. This reference design will speed engineers’ development time as it comes complete with hardware and software design files. The Energy Watchdog design also is expandable to work with TI’s ZigBee and Wifi reference designs to add wireless communications to the end product.


Single-phase energy measurement system On-board display for incoming AC voltage, current , frequency, active power, reactive power, apparent power , power factor, and Energy consumption (in kWh ) Compatible with input voltage from 110V-240V Simple push buttons for adjusting LCD display and time settings Interface to TI communications modules for ZigBee(CC2538EM-RD), Wifi(CC3000EM-RD), and Sub-1GHz RF for Wireless M-Bus.


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Single-Phase Electricity Sub-Meter for Smart Buildings TIDM-ENERGY-WATCHDOG

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