Single-Phase Energy Meter Solution for Advanced Applications (TIDM-EMETER-CORTEXM3)

This design features a dual-core microcontroller implementing an integrated electricity metering solution. The meter has been tested to prove 0.5% accuracy across a current dynamic range of 2000:1 by using a precision, low-noise op-amp and a programmable gain amplifier (PGA) to provide four gain stages. The metrology calculations are performed independently of the MCUs' integrated cores, leaving both MCUs available for other applications, including Power Line Communications(PLC). Developers will benefit from this design by taking advantage of both the M3 and C28x MCUs to provide the e-meter host applications and PLC communications.


Single-phase energy metering with ±0.5% accuracy using F28M35 MCU Independent metrology processing core frees up host processor’s (Cortex M3) bandwidth for communications, diagnostics, tamper protection and display. Integrated independent C28x MCU provides the CPU for Power Line Communications which support the PRIME, G3, and IEEE-1901.2 standards. Dynamic range of 6.67:1 per gain stage, or 2000:1 using all 4 gain stages Easy calibration and energy metering – just configure the metrology registers and read the results. No metrology coding required. Optional PGA112 provided for increasing number of gain stages and achieving even higher dynamic range and accuracy.


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Single-Phase Energy Meter Solution for Advanced Applications TIDM-EMETER-CORTEXM3

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