Low Power Pulse Oximeter & EKG Reference Design (TIDM-EKG-PULSE)

This reference design details non-invasive optical plethysmography - pulsoximetry - using the MSP430FG437 microcontroller (MCU). The pulsoximeter consists of a peripheral probe combined with the MCU displaying the oxygen saturation and pulse rate on a LCD glass. The same sensor is used for both heart-rate detection and pulsoximetering in this application. A custom LabVIEW GUI has been developed for this application to display the heart signal, heart rate and % SaO2 number. All the necessary files and steps to get this GUI up and running have been provided along with this report.


Single-chip solution with integrated analog front-end for diode drive and measurement USB communication interface for PC connectivity Built-in connectivity for addition of wireless communication using CCxxxx EMK transceivers NellcorTM probe compatible hardware interface Based on original design "A Single-Chip Pulse oximeter Design Using the MSP430" (SLAA274) This application report uses the MOD-PULSE Pulse oximeter and Heart-Rate Monitor using the MSP430FG439 development board by OLIMEX Ltd. This reference design is tested and includes software, hardware design files, documentation & PC GUI (LabView)


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Low Power Pulse Oximeter & EKG Reference Design TIDM-EKG-PULSE

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