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Dual-Phase Electric Meter System on Module Reference Design (TIDM-DUALPHASESOM)

This reference design implements a dual-phase electric meter system using a TI System on Module (SoM). It is designed and tested to meet the requirements for ANSI C12.20 and IEC-62053 Class 0.5 meters. The SoM is designed to be a plug-in card to a larger motherboard through a standard connector and is compatible with the TI's Smart Meter Board 2.5 and 3.0. This design is suitable for developers of smart e-meters and distribution automation equipment that require dual-phase energy measurement. Developers will be able to accelerate their hardware and software development by reusing the SoM design and the associated energy measurement software provided by TI.


Compatible with wide range of input circuits All analog and digital IOs available on convenient header Integrated LEDs for metrology pulse information and status notification Standard MSP430 FET connection Selectable power source for SoC Calculate parameters such as RMS current & voltage, active and reactive power and energies, power factor & frequency


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Dual-Phase Electric Meter System on Module Reference Design TIDM-DUALPHASESOM

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