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Connected Ethernet, USB, and LCD Reference Design (TIDM-CONNECTED-ETHERNET)

This TI Design will demonstrate several ethernet- and LCD-enabled applications such as remote sensor monitoring, ethernet configuration via web-based and LCD dashboards and aware applications that interface with weather websites.


Integrated Ethernet MAC+PHY on the Tiva C Series MCU USB Full-Speed and USB High-Speed ULPI interfaces available Easy-to-use 3.5” LCD touch screen display Compatible expansion connectors including Boosterpack, Boosterpack-XL, and EM Associated software package with divers, stacks, and over 50 pre-compiled examples This development kit comes ready to go out of the box with all the cables and software, and is pre-loaded with an interactive Ethernet enabled weather demo


Схемы и диаграммы

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Тесты и симуляция

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Печатные платы и ПО

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Спецификация (BOM)

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Connected Ethernet, USB, and LCD Reference Design TIDM-CONNECTED-ETHERNET

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