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Bridgeless Power Factor Correction Converter (TIDM-BLPFC)

This design is a digitally controlled, bridgeless, 300W, power factor correction (PFC) converter. The distinguishing characteristic of a bridgeless PFC converter is that it eliminates the need for a diode bridge at the input. This reduces power losses that normally occur in a diode bridge and, as a result, improves overall system efficiency. For this design, a C2000™ Piccolo™ TMS320F28035 microcontroller (MCU) is the digital controller for the PFC converter, controlling the two boost power stages that comprise the bridgeless PFC converter. By operating the stages alternatively during the positive and negative half cycles of the AC mains voltage, the Piccolo MCU implements both the AC-to-DC rectification as well as power factor control. This design achieves full load efficiency greater than 93% and power factor of greater than 0.98 at 50% or greater load.


Full digital control of bridgeless PFC power converter 95 VAC to 265 VAC input voltage range 400 VDC bus output operating up to 300 W Full load efficiency greater than 93% and power factor of 0.98 at 50% or greater load C2000™ Piccolo™ TMS320F28035 MCU is the digital controller, operating the bridgeless PFC power converter at a PWM frequency of 200 KHz Fully-functional evaluation board includes software, hardware design files, quick start graphical interface and step-by-step documentation NOTE: Software for this board is located inside the controlSUITE™ software package. Download controlSUITE at ti.com/controlsuite. Once installed, navigate to "High Voltage Bridgeless PFC Developers Kit" under the Development Tools -> Digital Power section.


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Bridgeless Power Factor Correction Converter TIDM-BLPFC

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