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Flow Measurement Reference Design with Reed Switches and BLE (TIDM-BLE-REEDMTR)

TIDM-BLE-REEDMTR is an elegant single chip reference design with minimal component count to transform a mechanical water or gas meter into a smart meter. This system consumes less than 11uA in standby mode, with RF connection in every 5 seconds. The total mechanical gear counter can be replaced by two Reed switches, eliminating the process to redesign the existing casing. The Reed switches are controlled by the low-power sensor controller engine of the CC2650 SimpleLink™ wireless MCU. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications provide the users with the ability to read the meter via a smart phone or PC at any time within 10 meters. The software package of this reference design provides a fast setup of the CC2650 and a custom profile for the BLE application.


Less than 11uA Standby Current for both Bluetooth Connected and Advertising Mode 9-yr system operation with Button Cell Battery SimpleLink™ Bluetooth CC2650 wireless MCU provides a single chip solution for measurement and communications Two Reed Switches for Rotational Detection


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Flow Measurement Reference Design with Reed Switches and BLE TIDM-BLE-REEDMTR

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