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Packet Processing Engine Reference Design for IEC61850 GOOSE Forwarding (TIDEP0074)

The TIDEP0074 referencedesign demonstrates packet switching and filtering logic implemented in the M4 core of AM572x based upon the Ethertype, MAC address and Application ID (APPID) of GOOSE packets received from the PRU-ICSS. Packets are filtered and routed to destinations in order to allow the time-critical events defined in substation communication standard IEC 61580 to be serviced in a dedicated core. The design additionally shows multi-core communication between the ARM Cortex™-A15, Cortex™-M4 and DSP C66x™ cores of the AM572x while Linux runs on the A15s and TI-RTOS runs on the M4 and DSP cores.


Ethernet packet switching logic and IEC61850 GOOSE filtering algorithm implemented on ARM Cortex-M4 cores of AM572x to determine destination routing to A15 or further processing in M4. Interprocessor Communication (IPC) using messageQ in A15 with Linux, and in M4 and DSP with TI-RTOS PRU-ICSS firmware load and boot by M4 for Ethernet packet transfer The TIDEP0074 reference design is tested on the TMDXIDK5728 board and includes documentation, software, demo application, and HW design files.


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Packet Processing Engine Reference Design for IEC61850 GOOSE Forwarding TIDEP0074

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