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Optimized Radar System Reference Design Using a DSP+ARM SoC (TIDEP0060)

For modern radar system developers currently using an FPGA or ASIC to connect to high speed data converters, who need faster time to market with increased performance and significant reduction in cost, power, and size, this reference design includes the first widely available processor integrating a JESD204B interface and Digital Front End (DFE) processing. Connecting to the ADC14X250 and DAC38J84 provides an efficient solution for avionics and defense applications such radar, electronic warfare, compute platforms and transponders.


Easy integration of signal processor to data converters over JESD204B Sampling of a single 100MHz channel, when connected to ADC14X250 DFE processing for filtering, down-sampling or up-sampling; FFTC hardware accelerator to offload compute-intensive 2D FFT operations, achieving low latency and high accuracy Wideband sampling with JESD attached signal processing solution including Digital Signal Processor (DSP), ADC and DAC boards, demo software, configuration GUIs and Getting Started Guide A robust demonstration and development platform including three EVMs, a deterministic latency card, schematic, BOM, user guide, benchmarks, software and demos


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Optimized Radar System Reference Design Using a DSP+ARM SoC TIDEP0060

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