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Implementing a Real-time Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Algorithm on TI?s C6678 DSP Reference Design (TIDEP0045)

This TI design shows a real-time synthetic aperture radar (SAR) implementation running on a TI's multicore TMS320C6678 digital signal processor (DSP). One of the main challenges of SAR is to generate high resolution images in real-time, since forming the image involves computationally demanding signal processing procedures. TI has implemented a SAR algorithm on the C6678 eight core fixed- and floating-point DSP to show the full application performance and how it scales across one, two, four, and eight DSP cores. Here, the range-Doppler SAR processing algorithm is modularized from a functional perspective and the computational task is mapped to multiple cores running in parallel. The task mapping procedure is accomplished using OpenMP.


This reference design is tested, and includes an evaluation module (EVM), software and a user's guide. The hardware platform includes TMDSEVM6678 EVM for a high performance, cost-efficient, standalone development platform, using theTMS320C6678 high-performance DSP based on TI's C66x KeyStone™ architecture. This design includes schematics, design files, and a bill of materials. SAR algorithm, input binary files, and display scripts are included along with links to download BIOS-MCSDK and SDK software framework. The design guide discusses the Range-Doppler Algorithm implementation, required hardware and software and step by step guide to buliding and running the SAR application.


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Implementing a Real-time Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Algorithm on TI?s C6678 DSP Reference Design TIDEP0045

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