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Acontis EtherCAT Master Stack Reference Design (TIDEP0043)

The acontis EC-Master EtherCAT Master stack is a highly portable software stack that can be used on various embedded platforms. The EC-Master supports the high performane TI Sitara MPUs, it provides a sophisticated EtherCAT Master solution which customers can use to implement EtherCAT communication interface boards, EtherCAT based PLC or motion control applications. The EC-Master architectural design does not require additional tasks to be scheduled, thus the full stack functionality is available even on an OS less platform such as TI Starterware suported on AM335x. Due to this architecture combined with the high speed Ethernet driver it is possible to implement EtherCAT master based applications on the Sitara platform with short cycle times of 100 microseconds or even below.


EtherCAT Class A or Class B master stack according to ETG.1500 specification High performance CPSW Ethernet driver for maximum EtherCAT performance EtherCAT Feature Pack Cable Redundancy using two CPSW ports EtherCAT Feature Pack Hot Connect to support flexible configuration Support for various operating systems: Linux, TI-RTOS (SYS/BIOS) and partner OS such as VxWorks and QNX


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Acontis EtherCAT Master Stack Reference Design TIDEP0043

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