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QSPI-NOR Reference Design with AM437x (TIDEP0016)

The QSPI interface on the Sitara AM437x processors enables system designers to connect a NOR flash. The interface is fast enough to support execute-In-Place (XIP). Such design offers flexibility for code partitioning and system cost savings by enabling the use of lower cost NOR flash or less DDR memory.


512 Mega-bit NOR Flash connected over Quad-SPI interface to the Sitara AM437x processor 4-pin SPI interface with external chip select signal SPI MODE 3 Complete sub-system reference with schematics, BOM, design files, and HW User's Guide implemented on a fully assembled board developed for testing and validation.


Схемы и диаграммы

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Спецификация (BOM)

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QSPI-NOR Reference Design with AM437x TIDEP0016

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