Power Solution for C667x DSP AVS Core (CVDD) with Dynamic Voltage Scaling (TIDEP0011)

This reference design aims to supply the AVS core supply (CVDD) in the Keystone Multicore DSPs, mainly the C66x series. The C66x series uses SmartReflex technology to enable the DSP to control its supply voltage. In order to meet this requirement, this design combines a Synchronous Buck Converter (TPS56121) with the voltage Programmer for POL (LM10011). The LM10011 accepts a 6-bit or 4-bit VCNTL from the DSP and changes the output voltage of the TPS56121 to what the DSP requires. The LM10011 has a high accuracy (1.0%) accuracy allowing additional system margin in the remaining power supply components and distribution. For processors which require specific initial startup voltages the LM10011 can be configured to start up at one of 16 selectable currents.


1.0% Output Current Accuracy (0°C to +100°C) 1.25% Output Current Accuracy (–40°C to +125°C) Input Voltage Range: +2.97V to +5.5V Pin Selectable VID Format (6/4 bit) 16 Selectable Start-Up Currents Precision Enable to Support Custom UVLO Tested reference design that includes schematic, design files, bill of materials, and test data.


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Power Solution for C667x DSP AVS Core (CVDD) with Dynamic Voltage Scaling TIDEP0011

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