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Streaming Audio Reference Design (TIDEP0009)

This Streaming Audio Reference Design aims to minimize design time for customers by offering small form factor hardware and major software components, including streaming protocols and internet radio services. With this reference design, TI offers a quick and easy transition path to the AM335x and WiLink™8 platform solution. This proven combo solution provides key advantages in this market category that helps bring your products to the next level.


The WiLink 8 combo connectivity solution and AM335x interfaces are already defined and validate, reducing risk and eliminating the need for design trade-off analysis The WiLink 8 solution allows customers to use Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Bluetooth low energy all at the same time, providing key advantages over competitive solutions. An example use case would be Internet Music streaming via Wi-Fi with a Bluetooth low energy based remote control phone app. Another capability of WiLink 8 is Wi-Fi Direct which allows for multi-role multi-channel features. This enables users to have multiple connections while maximizing throughput and network utilization (i.e. connect to a speaker directly and still gain Internet access through the main home network).


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Streaming Audio Reference Design TIDEP0009

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