2.4 GHz WiFi? + Bluetooth? Certified Antenna Design on WiLink? 1835 Module (TIDC-WL1835MODCOM8B)

The WiLink 1835 Module Antenna Design is a reference design that combines the functionalities of the WiLink 8 module with a built-in antenna on a single board, implementing the module in the way it's been certified. Through this, customers are able to evaluate the performance of the module through embedded applications such as home automation and the Internet of Things that make use of both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy functionalities found on the WiLink 1835 module. This antenna design leverages the use of its certification by using the same antenna layout when the module was tested for certification, allowing customers to avoid repeated certification when creating their applications.


Integrated FCC, ETSI, and TELEC certified module Board implements module in the same antenna layout it was certified Allows for usage in applications without the need for recertification WLAN, Bluetooth 4.1, BLE single antenna co-existence on a single module board WLAN 2.4 GHz SISO (20- and 40- MHz channels) and 2.4 GHz MIMO (20-MHz channels) functionality This Board includes a built-in antenna with a pre-certified module and includes a user guide, plus the needed hardware and software to get started


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2.4 GHz WiFi? + Bluetooth? Certified Antenna Design on WiLink? 1835 Module TIDC-WL1835MODCOM8B

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