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UART to Bluetooth? Low Energy (BLE) Bridge Reference Design (TIDC-SPPBLE-SW-RD)

This is a reference software solution to demonstrate how to implement a UART to BLE bridge and to communicate serial data wirelessly bidirectionally between wired UART to a device supporting BLE protocol. This will accelerate the software design process by just dropping modular code into existing and new products to enable Internet of Things (IoT) applications that connects wired serial protocols such as RS232 to BLE. The solution also includes an RS232 to UART hardware reference design.


Enables Easy Integration Through Modular Code Runs On the SimpleLink™ Bluetooth low energy CC2640 wireless MCU Uses the TI Royalty Free BLE-Stack™ Ports Easily to Other Boards Including the SimpleLink SensorTag 2.0 Offers a Generic Design to Fit Various Applications This easy-to-use software sub-system is tested and ready to be copied and pasted into your next wireless project


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UART to Bluetooth? Low Energy (BLE) Bridge Reference Design TIDC-SPPBLE-SW-RD

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