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Sub-1 GHz CC1120-CC1190 BoosterPack? Reference Design for the SIGFOX Network (TIDC-SIGFOX-CC1120-CC1190-BP)

The Sub-1 GHz CC1120-CC1190 BoosterPack™for the SIGFOX network is a certified hardware design to enable users to connect to the SIGFOX Low Power Wireless Area Network (LPWAN) platform targeted for the Internet of Things (IoT) market. The CC1120-CC1190 BoosterPack™is designed for use with the ultra-low-power MSP-EXP430F5529 LaunchPad™development kits as well as working as a stand-alone module by using SmartRF™Studio application software. The CC1120-CC1190 BoosterPack is equipped with an integrated PCB trace antenna, which operates in the US 902-928 MHz and European 869-870 MHz ISM frequency bands.


The Sub-1 GHz CC112x family of devices are fully integrated single-chip radio transceivers designed for high performance at very low-power and low-voltage operation in cost effective wireless systems With the CC1120 RF transciever, all filters are integrated, removing the need for costly external IF filters The CC1120 device is mainly intended for the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) and Short Range Device (SRD) frequency bands at 164-192 MHz, 410-480 MHz and 820-960 MHz The CC1190 is a range extender for 850-950 MHz RF transceivers, transmitters and SoC devices The CC1190 increases the link budget by providing a power amplifier (PA) for increased output power and a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with low noise figure for improved receiver sensitivity in addition to switches and RF matching for simple design of high performance wireless systems


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Sub-1 GHz CC1120-CC1190 BoosterPack? Reference Design for the SIGFOX Network TIDC-SIGFOX-CC1120-CC1190-BP

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