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Hybrid RF and PLC Reference Design Extends Network Coverage and Reliability (TIDC-HYBRID-RF-PLC)

The importance of on-time response and monitoring in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation networks increases demands on reliable communications. This TI Design addresses this issue by implementing a solution with both RF and Power Line Communication (PLC). This design can help improve network performance, reliability, capacity, and scalability. The CC13xx wireless MCU acts as both the RF protocol processor and the host for the PLC processor, resulting in additional cost-saving for the system design. This design is based on a proprietary RF solution to provide a reference for choosing various RF protocols and frequency bands as required in different markets. TheHybrid Wireless M-Bus and G3-PLC Reference Design implements a specific version of the hybrid RF+PLC concept.


Improve network reliability via simultaneous transmission over wireless and PLC networks. Improve network capacity via spatial multiplexing by utilizing the RF and PLC networks to simultaneously transmit independent data. Improve network scalability by acting as a bridge between RF and PLC networks, extending the area covered within a territory. Fully programmable protocol design provides various options for PLC/RF communication protocols and frequency bands: PLC protocols (PRIME, G3-PLC, and PLC-Lite) over CENELEC, ARIB, and FCC frequency bands, and RF protocols (Wireless M-Bus, IEEE 802.15.4g FSK, and Long range mode) over Sub-1 GHz (CC1310 or CC1350) and 2.4 GHz frequency bands (CC1350).


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Hybrid RF and PLC Reference Design Extends Network Coverage and Reliability TIDC-HYBRID-RF-PLC

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