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Battery-powered Data Collector for wM-Bus T-/C-mode & DSSS-coded Data Packets @ 868.95MHz Ref Design (TIDC-DSSS868WMBUS-DC)

The TIDC-DSSS868WMBUS-DC TI Design is a solution that enables Data Collectors with optimized firmware for receiving wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus) packets in frequent transmission (T-) and compact (C-) modes at 868.95MHz. For improved range a customized Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)-coded packet reception is also supported. This reference design can be adapted for wM-Bus and DSSS-enabled Data Collectors and mobile readers at 169 MHz and 433 MHz bands.


Battery-powered Data Collector (or Mobile reader) for wM-Bus T- and C-mode or DSSS-coded data packets. 10Vin ultra-low Iq DC/DC supports multiple battery types, configurations and chemistries. Market leading blocking, selectivity and RX sensitivity in wM-Bus T-mode with +-12% data rate variation with 100kcps @ 868.95MHz for a robust wireless solution. EN13757-4 T- and C-mode compliant "Other" device with Open Source code examples for receive operation. 11-bits (and 16-bits) DSSS-coding of data supported in hardware. This ultralow-power, battery-operated Data Collector system is tested and includes open source licensed firmware. Also includes SRF7 Studio GUI configuration files and User's Guide. Includes TI's Sub-1GHz transceiver, MSP430 microcontroller and Ultra Low Iq Step-Down Converter.


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Battery-powered Data Collector for wM-Bus T-/C-mode & DSSS-coded Data Packets @ 868.95MHz Ref Design TIDC-DSSS868WMBUS-DC

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