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SimpleLink Wi-Fi Antenna Selection (TIDC-CC3ANTENNA-SELECTION)

The SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® Antenna BoosterPack (CC3ANTENNABOOST) enables evaluation and development of end applications requiring antenna diversity. When used with the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Launchpad (CC3200-LAUNCHXL) or the CC3100 Boosterpack (CC3100BOOST) rev 3.1 or higher, the user can select the best antenna to use, based on the signal strength of the connection with a specific access point. There are two sets of orthogonal antennas on the board. The board supports the selection of on-board chip antenna, or external antenna via u.Fl connector. This board is useful for Wi-Fi antenna evaluation for applications requiring an extended Wi-Fi range.


Extends Wi-Fi range of the CC3200 Launchpad or CC3100 Booster Pack. Useful for applications, such as streaming audio or images, that require a higher throughput over an extended range No on-board LDO. Once the CC3ANTENNABOOST and the CC3200-LAUNCHXL are connected, the CC3200-LAUNCHXL sources power to the CC3ANTENNABOOST. Specifically, the CC3200-LAUNCHXL provides power to the inverter and transceiver on the CC3ANTENNABOOST Provision to select horizontal antenna and vertical antenna. On-board U.Fl connector for conducted testing Contains: SKY13351-378LF, Skywork’s 2.0-6.0 GHz GaAs SPDT Switch; SN74AVCH2T45, Dual Bit Dual Supply Bus Transceiver with Bus Hold Feature; 74AHC1GU04, Unbuffered Single Inverter Gate Design includes hardware add-on to the CC3200-LAUNCHXL or CC3100BOOST with an MCU (such as CC31XXEMUBOOST or MSP-EXP430F5529LP), getting started guide and software examples (included in SDK for the CC3100 / CC3200)


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SimpleLink Wi-Fi Antenna Selection TIDC-CC3ANTENNA-SELECTION

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