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SimpleLink? Wi-Fi? CC3200 Module LaunchPad (TIDC-CC3200MODLAUNCHXL)

The CC3200MODLAUNCHXL is a low-cost evaluation platform which hosts the CC3200MOD. The SimpleLink™ CC3200MOD is a wireless microcontroller (MCU) module that integrates an ARM® Cortex™-M4 based MCU, allowing customers to develop an entire application using a single device. The module LaunchPad also features programmable user buttons, RGB LED for custom applications, temperature and accelerometer sensors, as well as onboard emulation for debugging. The LaunchPad stackable headers interface demonstrates how to expand the functionality of the CC3200MOD when interfacing with other peripherals on existing BoosterPack add-on boards, such as graphical displays, audio codec, antenna selection, environmental sensing, and more.


FCC, IC, CE, and Wi-Fi® CERTIFIED™ module, with ability to request certificate transfer for Wi-Fi Alliance members CC3200MOD, SimpleLink Wi-Fi, internet-on-a-chip™ module solution with integrated MCU 40-pin LaunchPad standard that leverages the BoosterPack ecosystem On-board accelerometer and temperature sensor for out-of-box demo Micro USB connector for power and debug connections On-board chip antenna with U.FL for conducted testing Can be powered externally, with 2xAA or 2xAAA alkaline batteries Enables the Internet of Things (IoT)


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SimpleLink? Wi-Fi? CC3200 Module LaunchPad TIDC-CC3200MODLAUNCHXL

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
SN74LVC125ADR SN74LVC125ADR Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

Quadruple Bus Buffer Gate With 3-State Outputs 14-SOIC -40 to 125 ИНФО
8,90 r
от 170 шт. 7,80 q
от 500 шт. 6,70 q
от 1080 шт. 6,10 q
На складе: 3007 шт.
SN74LVC125APW SN74LVC125APW Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

Logic - Buffer IC; Logic Type:Bus Buffer; Supply Voltage Min:1.65V; Supply Voltage Max:3.6V; Termination Type:SMD; Package/Case:14-TSSOP; No. of Pins:14; Operating Temperature Range:-40°C to +125°C; Leaded Process Compatible:Yes ИНФО
10,50 r
от 150 шт. 9,20 q
от 450 шт. 7,90 q
от 900 шт. 7,20 q
На складе: 3141 шт.
SN74LVC125APWR SN74LVC125APWR Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

74LVC, SMD, 74LVC125, TSSOP14; Logic IC Function:Quadruple Buffer / Line Driver (3-State); Logic IC Family:LVC; Logic IC Base Number:74125; Voltage, Supply Min:1.65V;… ИНФО
9,60 r
от 160 шт. 8,40 q
от 460 шт. 7,20 q
от 1000 шт. 6,60 q
На складе: 8393 шт.

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