Industrial Battery Management Module for 20S Applications Reference Design (TIDA-01093)

High serial cell count battery (>15s) systems are becoming more and more common for industrial applications. These applications are cost sensitive and require a simple solution that includes monitoring, protection, and control or even SOC (State of Charge) information rather than only basic independent hardware protection. This design offers a platform for the complete pack side solution. All independent hardware protection features are incorporated from the bq76930 and a robust communication interface is implemented for host device to read the battery information.


Supports 16-Series to 20-series cell application All independent hardware protecting function inherited from bq76930 Charger insertion detectable Load removal detectable Isolated differentiated CAN PHY for communication with host system Supports up to 128k baud rate UART communication with external host


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Industrial Battery Management Module for 20S Applications Reference Design TIDA-01093

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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MSP430G2x55 Mixed Signal Microcontroller 38-TSSOP ИНФО
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