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24V Stepper Motor Design with AutoTune Reference Design (TIDA-00830)

TIDA-00830 is an application overview of TI’s automatic stepper motor tuning feature known as AutoTune™. This design showcases how quickly AutoTune can adapt to changes in system inputs or motor characteristics without the user having to apply any type of parameter tuning. The hardware for this design is sourced from the DRV8880 Evaluation Module so the user has the ability to work with the entire feature set of this device.


6.5- to 45-V operation with up to 2.0-A full-scale (max drive current) Configurable PWM Off-Time of 10-, 20-, or 30-µs 3.3-V, 10-mA LDO Regulator supply AutoTune stepper motor tuning Simple GUI for driver input control and motor tuning Onboard USB communication for easy connectivity with external controller 100 mil header gives test probe access to all driver input controls


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24V Stepper Motor Design with AutoTune Reference Design TIDA-00830

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