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Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Power Reference Design (TIDA-00818)

This mobile point of sale (mPOS) reference design features a 1S1P Li-Ion battery architecture to reduce system size and cost. Integrated load switches are used to reduce standby power consumption and maximize battery life to enable the single-cell architecture. A USB Type-C charging port is also featured to support higher power delivery and minimize charging time.


1S1P low-voltage battery architecture made possible by inclusion of low-voltage (5-V) printer rail driven by DRV8833 USB Type-C charging port via TUSB320 and BQ25890 updates current USB implementations to new standard TPS22918 load switch disconnects inactive subsystems to extend battery life in a small SOT-23 package (~500-nA leakage) TCA8414 integrates keypad scanner and GPIO expander into a single package, simplifying design and reducing BOM count


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Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) Power Reference Design TIDA-00818

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