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Isolated GaN Driver Reference Design (TIDA-00785)

This reference design consists of a reinforced dualchannel digital isolator, a GaN gate driver, and isolated power supplies. This compact reference design is intended to control GaN in power supplies, DC-to-DC converters, synchronous rectification, solar inverters, and motor control. An open-loop push-pull topology based power supply for gate drivers provides flexibility in PCB routing. The pushpull transformer driver used in the TIDA-00785 operates at 300 kHz, which helps in reducing the size of the isolation transformer, leading to a compact power supply solution.


Suited for Low-Voltage GaN Drives (300 to 450 V)\ Rail-to-Rail Peak Current Drive Capability With 4-A Source and 6-A Current Suits Driving GaN Modules 5000-Vpk Reinforced Isolation and Very High CMTI of > 100 kV/us Spread Spectrum Operation of Transformer Driver Helps Reduce Emissions PWM Signals of Gate Drivers can be Directly Interfaced to a Controller (3.3-V Operation)


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Isolated GaN Driver Reference Design TIDA-00785

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