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8-ch Isolated High Voltage Analog Input Module Reference Design (TIDA-00764)

The TIDA-00764 reference design is a high voltage analog input module with eight channels. Each channel can be used for both, voltage and current measurement. The TI Design uses the 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) ADS8681 that can handle input voltage of up to ±12.288V. This make any preprocessing of standard input voltages in the industrial space unnecessary. In addition, four channels of the design are able to handle common-mode (CM) voltages of up to ±160V. Therefore, the user does not need to worry about ground loops or compensation currents flowing between the connected inputs.


High voltage inputs of up to ±12.288V Voltage and current measurement for every channel 4 channels with common-mode of up to ±160V -85dB crosstalk rejection for adjacent channels 100MOhm input impedance Surge transient immunity according to EN 61000-4-5 class 2 (±1kV, 24A)


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8-ch Isolated High Voltage Analog Input Module Reference Design TIDA-00764

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