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Smart Lock Reference Design Enabling 5+ Years Battery Life on 4x AA Batteries (TIDA-00757)

With the increasing number of building and home owners looking to retrofit smart locks (or electronic locks) to their building or home, wireless battery powered smart locks are becoming increasingly popular in today’s market. In a smart lock application, the high current motor and radio often drains the battery quickly, causing battery life to suffer. Replacing multiple batteries can be a time consuming and costly issue, and thus lowering the average current consumption is often a key design consideration.


Over 5 years battery life on 4x AA batteries in series 24 lock or unlock events per day BLE radio connection period Motor Driver has integrated FET’s and a current sense comparator which enables easy design and small solution size with minimal discrete components Voltage-based battery gas gauge, integrated DC-DC converter BLE tested using third party BLE iOS and Android applications Configurable advertisement interval up to 4 seconds


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Smart Lock Reference Design Enabling 5+ Years Battery Life on 4x AA Batteries TIDA-00757

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