Capacitor Bank Control and HMI Subsystem Reference Design for Automatic Power Factor Controller (TIDA-00737)

The TIDA-00737 TI design demonstrates working of various functional blocks of an Automatic Power Factor Controller used in MV/LV electrical distribution including – Accurate measurement and computation of voltages, currents, power and power factor; Display of measured parameters using 4 digit seven segment display; Alarms and Status indication using LEDs; Switching outputs for driving Contactor or Thyristor for switching capacitor banks; Monitoring of local and remote temperature using a breadth of products from TI’s portfolio.


Accurate measurement of 3 Φ voltage, current (simultaneous sampling), power, power factor – Accuracy < 0.5% achieved using 24b ΔΣ ADC. Seven Segment (SS) LED – Two constant current drivers are cascaded to drive four digit SS LED display with decimal point. Relay/ Transistor output switching – Options for controlling Contactor and Thyristor is provided. 3 channels (expandable to 7) is dedicated for controlling Relay output (Contactors) 2 channels (expandable to 4), with isolation, for controlling Transistor output (Thyristors). Status indication – 16 LEDs are controlled using a constant-current LED sink driver. Sensors for Temperature and Light sensing are included.


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Capacitor Bank Control and HMI Subsystem Reference Design for Automatic Power Factor Controller TIDA-00737

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