Wide Bandwidth Optical Front-end Reference Design (TIDA-00725)

This reference design implements and measures a complete 120MHz wide bandwidth optical front end comprising a high speed transimpedance amplifier, fully differential amplifier, and high speed 14-bit 160MSPS ADC with JESD204B interface. Hardware and software are provided to evaluate the performance of the system in response to high speed optical pulses generated from the included laser driver and diode for applications including optical time domain reflectrometry (OTDR).


Optical front-end design with demonstrated system performance High-speed signal path with >120MHz of bandwidth High-speed transimpedance amplifier for I-to-V conversion followed by a fully-differential amplifier driving a high-speed 14-bit ADC Ultra-fast laser-diode driver and laser diode to generate Tx signal Avalanche photo-diode (APD) front-end with on-board high-voltage supply Flexibility to easily change components in the optical, amplifier or data-converter signal-path


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Wide Bandwidth Optical Front-end Reference Design TIDA-00725

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