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Power Cycling Reference Design to Extend Battery Life Using an Ultra-Low IQ LDO and Nano Timer (TIDA-00720)

The TIDA-00720 reference design shows a method to extend battery life by power cycling. The power cycling concept consist in time interval period that enables the power management devices for just enough time for the microcontroller to execute the program, transmit data or collect data. Some of the MCUs have sleep modes with low stand-by currents, but the power management devices will continue to dissipate power if they are left enabled. The current leakage is higher during the enabled mode and will add up to the total power waste during the MCU sleep cycles. This design is ideal for systems that operate for various years without replacing the battery; these systems do not need to run constantly instead they operate in periodic intervals of seconds, minutes or even an hour in between operating time.


Prolonged battery life by using power cycling. Sleep mode has an ultra-low quiescent (typically 44nA). Time intervals can be adjusted from 10ms to 2h with an external resistor. Ultra-low noise and ripple free 1.8V output voltage Fast power-up voltage supply. Power supply is disabled as soon as the MCU sends a process completion signal. Cost efficient solution with only a few compensation components TIDA-00720 provides a design guide and design files of the power management solution.


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Power Cycling Reference Design to Extend Battery Life Using an Ultra-Low IQ LDO and Nano Timer TIDA-00720

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