Smartwatch Battery Management Solution Reference Design (TIDA-00712)

The TI design TIDA-00712 is a reference design for Smartwatch BMS (Battery Management Solution); It’s suitable for low power wearable devices like smartwatch applications. The design includes an ultra-low current 1 cell Li-ion linear charger; a highly integrated Qi-compliant wireless power receiver; a cost-effective voltage and current protection Integrated Circuit; a system-side(tm) with integrated sense resistor battery fuel gauge; and a booster with output up to 28V for LCD kinds of display devices. The design is implemented in a small size (20mm x 29mm) PCB; its input power can be either from a Micro-USB connector or Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter; and the wireless power transmitter will be turned off whenever 5V power supply from Micro-USB connector is detected.


Charger with Buck and LDO output programmable for system Manual reset timer output for system reset Wireless Receiver with 93% efficiency optimized (only one IC required) WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) V1.1 compatible in size of 1.9mm x 3.0mm Fuel gauge with Impedance Track Gas Gauging and virtually plug-n-play. Battery Protection IC is the most cost-effective solution for full protection of both voltage and current, charging and discharging.


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Smartwatch Battery Management Solution Reference Design TIDA-00712

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