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330W, >93% Efficiency, Cost Optimized, 20-32V Storage Battery Bank Charger Reference Design (TIDA-00704)

The TIDA-00704 reference design is a 25W, multiple output, auxiliary power supply designed for use in power converters targeted for Server, Telecom and Industrial system applications. This solution is a multiple output flyback converter implemented using the UCC28700 to provide Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) output regulation and uses quasi-resonant valley-switching to achieve higher efficiency. The design is compact and low cost due to minimal component count with all the necessary built-in protections such as output overcurrent and output short circuit. Hardware is designed and tested to pass EFT requirements and meets low power efficiency performance of Department of Energy (DoE) Level VI standards. Additionally, the design has a built-in eFuse for fault isolation on 12V main rail without affecting any other outputs.


Peak overall efficiency of 93% enables energy saving Uses a single UCC29950 combo controller for controlling both PFC and LLC stages for reduced component count True input power limit to provide greater degree of protection under varying input voltage conditions Low stand-by power (<100mW) to help meet no- load condition limits of energy norm (DoE level VI) Wide input voltage range from 85 VAC to 264 VAC helps in meeting global market needs


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330W, >93% Efficiency, Cost Optimized, 20-32V Storage Battery Bank Charger Reference Design TIDA-00704

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